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The Daily Guides

The purpose of the Daily Guides is to provide you with ways and ideas by which to live your life from a place of clarity, purpose and passion.

As the name suggests, there is a guide for each day of the month. Each guide is built on the previous day's guide, which provides a deepening of your consciousness, or awareness of the magnificent being you were created to be.

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Enjoy Theses

Sample Daily Guides

One Mind

HAVE you ever had the feeling that you were all alone - that you had to face the situations in your life without any assistance? This usually comes from feeling as if you are not a part of the whole. This feeling and sense of separation is really an illusion; it is not real.

The truth is that you are one with all there is. And you have the ability to tap into that Mind that has creates, maintains and sustains the entire universe. That Mind that was in Yeshua Messiah, Leonardo da Vinci, Howard Thurman and all the other great minds of the world is also your mind. This is true because there is only one Mind, and that is the Mind of Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence, or whatever name works for you. 

You can rest assured that whatever yo need to know, when you need to know it, will be know. Trust that. You are the delight of God. All that God has is yours.

As you begin to trust and know that you are one in and of God, your life becomes an attractive beacon of light that draws to you every good thing that you can conceive. You then find that your life is transformed.

Today's Affirmation: I am one with God. I am one ion God. Knowing this, my life is a life of beauty, grace and joy. I know what I need to know in the time I need to know it. My mind is the Mind of the Infinite. For this I am grateful.

Deepening Our Faith

IN order for us to deepen our faith we must have a clear understanding of what faith means to us. Faith is not merely believing in something or hoping everything will work out to our liking. We are talking about a faith that knows. And it knows that it knows. With faith as a light, there is no room for the dark clouds of doubt. Even if doubt comes up, standing in the center of faith removes all doubt.

We have heard it said throughout the ages to have faith in the Creator. Call It whatever is comfortable for you. Deepening our faith is not only to have faith in God, it is going the next step to having the faith of God.

When the Infinite Intelligence creates anything, there is nothing within Its own being that ever doubts the creation of Its word or thought. Because we are created out of that same Divine Substance, we can trust that what we also create from our word or thoughts will come to fruition. This is Law. Have faith in knowing that you are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility, and it passes into expression through you only as you allow it. Let us all have faith and allow this power to live Its life in us and as us.



I trust in the Divine Source of All. I have faith and know that I am successful in all I do. I have the faith of God.


TO deepen our faith, we must first recognize that we have faith. Faith is a principle that we use and some use it consciously and some use it unconsciously. For example, you may have heard someone affirm their faith in an illness by saying; ‘Oh, its flu season again. Every year I get the flu.’ It is subtle, but also very powerful, as is seen by the numbers of people who experience this each year. But you know, it is just as easy to have faith in health and wholeness.

As we cultivate a trust in the law of good, we soon realize that it takes a deep and abiding Love to stand in this knowing, trusting that our good is at hand now.

Whenever fear or doubt arises in your thoughts that is your signal letting you know that you have fallen out of Love. Remember, perfect Love casts out all fear. When we are in Love, living from Love, speaking from Love, working from Love, we notice there is no fear. It is this Love that beckons us to have faith and then trust that whatever you desire from the abundance of your heart must come to fulfillment.

This is not a wishy-washy type of Love. This Love is the Source of all life. During this month, we will explore what it is to live and Love unconditionally. Have faith and trust that you are the beloved of the Beloved. As you do this, you will see how life changes.



I have the trust of God. I know that I am guided to experience only the highest and best for me and all concerned.

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