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Stay Tuned for Station Identification

It has been years since anyone has heard this term. It was used back in the 1900’s when television stations would take a moment to let us know what channel we were watching. Though we haven’t seen this it quite some time, it is still a powerful phrase when we are looking at living the best life we can.

The following line is not new, we’ve heard it before, “Be careful of what you ask for.” They, whoever they are, tell us to be careful because we tend to receive what we ask for. Knock and it shall be opened. Ask and it shall be given. Like I said, nothing new. Here’s the thing we want to understand. We are all surrounded by a Something that responds to us. I can’t explain it, I just know that it is. In fact, I don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out. I would rather invest my time in using it.

Since we get what we ask for, we want to be aware of what we are tuning into. This is especially true if we are getting what we don’t want. If we are having experiences that don’t bring us joy, peace, and grace in living, maybe it’s time to find out what station, what frequency of thought we are really tuned into.

So Many Channels

What channel do you want to show people? What frequency are you tuned into? We all know someone who is tuned into the drama channel. Their whole life is filled with episode after episode of drama. Some people, on the other hand, are tuned into the tragic station. Everything in their lives seems to be tragic to them. And like every thrilling show, they want to tell you about it.

I am not saying that tragic things are bad. We all experience something tragic in our lives. The loss of a loved one. An automobile accident. Divorce. That’s not what I’m talking about here. What I am referring to is keeping our attention on, focusing on, staying tuned to the things that do not serve us. Here’s the beautiful thing about this thing called life. There are so many things to choose from. So many different channels or ways of being we have access to. That is remarkable, don’t you think? And because we have the great gift of choice, we get to choose what we are tuned into.

The question we get to ask ourselves is what do I want to focus on? What ‘show’ am I starring in that people get to experience? What station am I identifying with? Am I tuned to and identifying with the drama channel, or am I tuned to and identifying with the channel of peace. With so many channels to choose from, we want to cultivate a practice, of some sort, that allows us to choose from a place of clarity.

Receivers and Transmitters

You are special in so many ways. First off, there is no one else on the planet like you. Out of approximately 7.97 billion people on the planet, there is not another you. The other thing that makes us all special is that we are both receivers and transmitters.

In this vast experience called life, we are surrounded by different frequencies of sight, color, sound, and thoughts. As human beings we are privy to a limited band of light and sound. Animals hear and see things we can’t because our receivers are not tuned to hearing those frequencies. Conversely, we have the ability to tune into thoughts and ideas that other animals are not privy to. And it is our thoughts, and feelings, that create our experiences. This is why it is important to be aware of the thoughts we are receiving. It’s just as important to be aware of the thoughts we are keeping. What are your dominant thoughts?

We want to tune ourselves to be open to receive the thoughts of our Higher Power, whatever you choose to call it. We want to be able to receive those thoughts that engender within us the vibration of joy, love, and abundance, just to name a few.

As we do this, we recognize how important it is to transmit these frequencies to the world around us. This is the transmitter side of our being. We are to be 5G transmitters. Transmitting our Gifts, Grace, Goodness, Gratitude, and Generosity.

Stay Tuned

Here’s where the practice comes in. We want to stay tuned to our version of 5G. This means that we want to watch the thoughts we keep, the foods we eat. We want to do our part in keeping the body healthy so that it can be a clear channel for what we receive and transmit. We want to stay tuned to what we are dedicated to. Meditation is a good way to do that.

Stay tuned to being the light you are here to be. Stay tuned to the love you are here to share. Identify to the high station of your greatness. As you shine your greatness, who knows, maybe, just maybe, someone else will tune into your vibration and want to do it too. And boy, wouldn’t that be a station to tune into.

Peace and Blessings,


P.S. The Upper Room Podcast starts Wednesday, June 7 at 12:00 EST

Stay Tuned.

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