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It's All bout Love

Greetings everyone,

First, I want to thank all of you who reached out to me either by email or phone to send me good vibes. I appreciate you all so much. I also thank all of you who did not reach out to me but took it straight to prayer. I Love you guys. You all rock!

The news since the last post is that after having a CT scan, the Dr. doesn’t feel that a biopsy is necessary, so that’s been cancelled. Yippee! They found something else that is causing the bladder to be, and I quote, “angry.” That’s good news. They’ll still go in and take care of what needs to be done, but it is not what they were thinking it could be. Allelujah! Alhamdulillah! Praise God! Yeah! Prayer works. Again, thank you so very much. Now. On to Love


Oh. My. God! What an eye-opening experience this thing called life has been. I’m loving it. I am grateful for my body’s way of opening not only my eyes, but my heart to see and feel even more. The forgiveness work that continues is what I have termed a spiritual enema, because it is clearing out the remaining crap that has blocked me from loving life completely.

I have believed for a long time that forgiveness is the key to freedom. I also believe, even more so now, that forgiveness is a practice of self-Love. You see, when it comes right down to it, It’s All About Love.

The Love I’m talking about, or to be more precise, the Love I am experiencing at a deeper level, is that Love that causes everything to be. To me it is Love that breathes the breath so that Life can experience Itself through and as us. Love is that Infinite Intelligence that causes the sun to shine, bringing life to the earth so that Life can experience itself as everything on the planet. Yep, It’s All About Love.

To Love at this level, one needs to be fearless. I would guess that most of us know how it feels to have the heart broken, right? The truth is the heart, the symbol of Love, can never be broken. Love is beyond that. It is the ego that is broken. And what heals a so-called broken heart? What heals the ego? We don't want to kill the ego, we want to love it to death by withdrawing all of our attention away from it and focus only on Love. Love is all there is.

The Courage to Love Thy Self

To Love at this level takes courage. The courage to, first of all, Love Thy Self. “What? Love myself? I am not worthy of Loving myself. You don’t know the wrongs I’ve done. You don’t know the mistakes I’ve made. I can’t Love myself,” says the little bitty ego. Believing that crap is not loving ourselves, is it? If we don’t allow ourselves to Love ourselves, how then do expect others to Love us. It all starts at home, with the Heart. We want to become Masters of Love.

The Primary Characteristic to Mastery

In the book The Way of Mastery, we read: “Fearlessness is the primary characteristic of mastery. Mastery is not having the great power to make things happen. Mastery is only the recognition that what is true is true always”

What is always true? Love. As Earth Wind and Fire told us in the song It’s All About Love. “Let the light shine all through your mind, feel your little heart aglow. Take the time, make up your mind, it's all 'bout love.”

Once we allow ourselves to love ourselves, we now become masters at loving the world. Even the things in the world that appear to be messed up. Instead of complaining about the current political climate, Love it. Instead of doing your social justice work from a place of pissosity or disgust, do it from a place of Love. Please hear me. I am not saying to lose your passion for your work, just do it from a place of wanting everyone to experience life at it’s fullest. This is why fearlessness is the primary characteristic to mastery. From the outside, you appear to be doing the same things. However, your come-from is different. You are coming