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Because, I Say So!

I grew up in a household where I was the fourth of five kids, the oldest being ten years my senior. So, by the time I came around, my mother was done with explaining things. And like most kids, I was full of the whys. "Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why can’t I go outside in the rain, I like the rain? Why do I have to eat these lima beans, they’re nasty." Well, you can bet I heard quite a few, because I said so's.

As a child or even a teenager you may have heard this yourself. Then as time went on and we became parents, we may have heard ourselves saying the same exact thing that your parents said, BECAUSE, I SAID SO!! We may have even put on a damn it at the end. Only to have the thought, “damn, I sound like my father.” This may have or have not elicited a smile. It did for me. As nice as going down this memory lane was, this is not what this because I said so is about.

First, let us agree that Something imagined us and had the desire to create us. This Something set the intention to re-create Itself as us. Call this Something whatever works for you, but can we agree that there is an Intelligence that basically said, “Look, I want to experience life through the eyes and experience of Joe Blow. And boom, here we are. Please know, you are not an accident.

Second, being human is such a gift because we get to choose what we want to be, do, and have. No other species on the planet can change what they are. A bear will always be a bear, wearing the same old fur coat year in and year out. A tree will always be a tree. A pine tree can’t change into a cypress tree. It will always be a pine tree.

Ahh, but you and I, we have been given quite a few gifts. The ability to set intentions is a huge gift. And the gift of choice? Man, what a gift that is. I mean get this; we can choose to be anything we want. We can choose to be sad, glad, happy, or mad. We can choose to engage with friends, or stay home and chill. But wait, there’s more. What about the gift of desire? We all, wait a minute, I don’t know ‘all’. But most of us desire to be more than we might be experiencing in the moment. We might have the desire for more money. The desire to be in a loving relationship. Or the desire to travel to Paris (have a great trip you two).

We also must understand that we are surrounded by and living in the midst of Universal Laws that respond to our thinking and feeling. This is another great gift once we see it. We are natural born creators. We can’t help it. We have heard quite often that we always have a choice. This is not true. We don’t have a choice when it comes to creating. We are always creating something whether we are conscious of it or not. We cannot get away from this. We are the creators of the experiences in our lives. So, now is the time to be deliberate creators. We are to Be the Cause in our lives. We cause things to happen through our thoughts, words, and of course, our actions.

We must be willing to accept the fact and the Truth that we have been imbued with the power and intelligence to create what we want. Since we cannot get away from creating, let’s create from a place of clarity, joy, and gratitude. I mean hell, why not. Since we’ve been gifted with desire, intention, and choice, just to mention a few, let’s be willing to Be-Cause.

We do this by accepting that we are powerful beyond our imagination and our words are the power of creation. Words are thoughts verbalized. So actually, it starts in your mind, with your thinking. Afterall, this is where we find our desires, intentions, and choices, in our minds, right? We have been gifted with the ability to speak these thoughts into being. As I keep saying, if we’re not in awe, we’re not paying attention.

You do understand how powerful you are, right? You are simply and utterly amazing. Know this. You are one of a kind. There is no one else on the planet like you. You are a magnificent, amazing Human Being. You have the ability, the gift to speak your life into being what you want and how you want it. First, tap into what is desiring to be brought forth by means of you. Second, set the intention to do what it takes to bring that life into being. Third, choose to have faith in the power of your word and in the Law that responds to it. It must be done because, you Say So.

However, just because you say so will not necessarily make it so. You must have faith and believe that it is so. And by all means, in this moment, be grateful for the life you are calling forth. Stay in motion towards the fulfillment of your vision, which, by the way, is the Vision of the Life that recreated Itself as you in the first place. Just sayin’.

To conclude what can never be concluded. Know, and know that you know that you are the captain of your ship. You get to choose the direction of your life. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. When we choose to, we can use that past stuff to help us get clear on who we are and how we want to live our lives. Once we get clear on that, Let. The. Past. Go. Hanging on to the past keeps us stuck there, right in the past. Even if there are fond memories of the past, it’s still the past. Quick story.

I have a friend who I call every once in a while. We may stay on the phone for 30 to 45 minutes. Most of that time her conversation is more often than not, “Remember when we did this? Remember when we all went here and did that?” No exaggeration, every single time we talk it’s the same thing, the same ol' stories. And yes, we had a ball. But that was then.

Those events took place close to 23 years ago. I am not complaining, I understand that some people are happy living in the past. And if she’s happy, I’m happy for her. Who am I to judge. She is my friend and I love her unconditionally. I just know that the past is not where I want to live. I am here to be present to the Vision of the Divine as it is manifesting through me in this eternal moment called now.

In conclusion, once again. You are here to Be-Cause. You are the cause of the experiences in your life. Tap into what is desiring to be brought forth through you. Set the intention to be the instrument of that desire. Then choose to speak your word with conviction, knowing that it must be so. Why? Be-Cause, You Say So. Dag-nab-it!

As always,

In Loving Service to the One,


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