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Spiritual Counseling

If you want to thrive, you must bring your whole Self to Life's table. You are here to live life unapologetically and with gusto. I am here to help you in bringing your total being to the forefront so that you can be the most dynamic and powerful person you came here to be. You bring life to the world, and because of that the world would not be the same without you.

Typical counseling sessions focus on the condition of what is going on and then work to develop behavioral strategies to change those conditions.  In other words, typical counseling sessions work on the material plane of the effect. This approach can be very effective and helpful, However, there's more.


Spiritual Counseling focuses on uncovering the limiting, false beliefs which underlie the condition. That way, the mental, emotional and spiritual barriers are removed to uncover the infinite possibilities within you. We work together to bring about long lasting healing and unlimited growth.

Session Investment: $175 for 60 minute session.

See the Plans and Pricing Page for available packages.

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