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Why? Because you are a


Being Black in America is challenging. And being a Black Man in America adds something special to the mix. As Black Men in America we, at some time and in some way, have experienced racism.

Institutional racism plays a part in your in life and could still be effecting you in ways you may not be aware of. Without knowing it we may suffer from PTSS.

Akinlana Burrowes, from Lesly University writes:

Post traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS) is defined as “a condition that exists when a population has experienced multigenerational trauma resulting from centuries of slavery and continues to experience oppression and institutionalized racism today.”

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There is a way to heal the effects that institutionalized racism may have had your life. You see, there may be hidden beliefs that keep you from being your True Brilliant Self. Beliefs that keep you from living a life of peace, prosperity, creativity and unconditional love.

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